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After two years of creating graffiti murals in the streets, Rodrigo felt confident to carry out with his first professional work. In 2002, the crew Beco RS was hired to paint a panel of the fishing platform in Atlantic beach for a suit company called Lojas Teva. Besides coloring the city with art, Rodrigo started to actually profit from his lifestyle while leaving his mark in several restaurants, lodgings, homes, shops, bars and companies around Brazil.

Ambience decor are artistic projects for commercial buildings and residences, made either in outdoor or indoor ambients. It also includes customization of objects and vehicles. The whole concept might be authoral or personalized to meet the client's expectations/ needs. The idea is  to create harmony and give a visual identity to the place or object in quastion. Even if the project is personalized, Rodrigo seeks to imprint his own style in everything he does, leaving his authorial mark wherever he goes.

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