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Rodrigo Miranda is the second generation of graffiti writers  in Porto Alegre.  As a teenager, skateboarding lead him to the hip hop culture and soon graffiti became his passion . Twenty years ago he formed the crew Beco-RS with Erick Citron, a partnership that was born in the streets and still marks the urban chaos with it's authentic style and critical view.  By adopting the crew's name, Rodrigo began to express the strengh of the collective and  to revere the special bond they created by paiting together.  


Self-taught, Rodrigo started to draw since an early age. Surrounded by street art, it did not took long for him to spread his tags and bombs across the neighbourhood. With time, his technique evolved to complex wildstyle letters and murals. He understands art as a tool made to transform the surroundings where he lives. So in a country where 93% of the population has never been to an exhibition, he prefers to share his visions on the streets than in galleries. His quest as an artist is deeply rooted in the underground urban hip hop movement. 


Now a days his techniques diversify between spray, stencil, brush, roller, latex, pencil and wood cuts. When he is not expressing himself on the city walls, he is working with different styles of art and digital drawings. In addition to the panels, he also paints canvas, designs iconic stages for psychedelic trance festivals, works with scenography, collaborates with a skate brand creating his own clothing collection and develops multi-media projects.


Rodrigo Miranda is an independent artist commited to do what makes him alive. His art is not a finished unchanging product, but an ongoing flow that is born from deep within and changes when meets the eyes of the other, stimulating ideas, questionings and dialogues.  


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