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For years, visionary art has inspired Rodrigo Miranda to create his murals, panels, canvases and stage designs. But he only surrendered to technology when he found himself confined to his home due to the pandemic.


The world stopped, all events were canceled and the options seemed increasingly limited. Bored with paper and canvas, Rodrigo immersed himself in digital art. There he found a portal to infinite possibilities of releasing his imagination. By developing skills he didn't master with spray, he expanded his knowledge and technique, adding new bits to his art. 


Amidst the chaos, more futuristic and post-apocalyptic themes emerged, related to his own reflections on the anthropocene era. Since there were no limits to his imagination, Rodrigo went deeper into his research for  references to bring more cyberpunk, Sci-Fi and  biorganic elements to compose his drawings.


Where  there was a border, a new horizon opened up.  

Ilustração_Sem_Título 3.jpg
Ilustração_Sem_Título 2.jpg
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